Provision of materials

Dear Authors, the articles that do not meet the requirements below will be returned to the authors.

1) The article must contain complete information about each author:

  • First Name and Last Name (in Latin letters)
  • Affiliation (full Russian-language name of the organization with full address)
  • The corresponding author is marked with an asterisk and his current email is indicated. post office.

2) The minimum article size is 6 pages plus references (font 10, single spacing).

3) Only “portrait” page format.

4) The article structure must comply with the IMRAD_format standard

5) High quality English. Articles translated using Google will be returned.

6) No cyrillic characters in the article (including formulas, graphs, diagrams, charts, screenshots, or historical photographs).

7) All images must be clear and legible.

8) All formulas, graphs, diagrams must be editable. Graphics are welcome.

9) The online sources of all images should be indicated in the figure caption (if they are not copyright).

All articles are to be checked for plagiarism. In case of refusal of plagiarism (more than 50%), as well as self-plagiarism (more than 25%), the authors will be refused to resubmit the article.

Submit your article in Word format via the conference website.