Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Center of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A. K. Chaika” is one of the leading agricultural research institutions in the Far East. 
Main lines of research:  
Crop Breeding;
Seed Production (original, elite) of field, fodder, vegetable crops, potatoes;
Creation of new varieties of crops using biotechnologies;
Mechanization, Economics, and organization of agricultural production on farms of all forms of ownership;
Development and improvement of highly efficient resource- and energy-saving technologies for crop cultivation;
Development of environmentally friendly farming systems; ;
Development of beekeeping and creation of a sustainable feed base using new forage crops and technologies for their cultivation for animal husbandry in the Primorsky Krai;
Educational activity.

The center employs 149 people, including 2 doctors and 23 Candidates of Sciences. 
The development of the scientific institution began with the foundation of the Nikolsk-Ussuriysk experimental field in 1908, that was created by order of the Department of Agriculture of the Main Department of Land Management and Agriculture of Russia.  

Over the past years, the institution has undergone multiple transformations. The most significant changes occurred in 1924, when the Primorsky Agricultural Experimental Station was organized on the basis of the experimental field, and in 1956, after obtaining the status of the State Agricultural Experimental Station. On the basis of the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RSFSR of March 3, 1976 No. 316, the station was renamed to the Research Institute of Agriculture of Primorsky Krai.  

In order to improve the efficiency and quality of fundamental and exploratory research and strengthen the significance of agricultural science in the economic development of the Far East, in 2018, after the Far Eastern Regional Agricultural Research Center, the Primorsky Fruit and Berry Experimental Station, and the Primorsky Rice Research Experimental Station joined the main scientific institution – the Primorsky Research Institute of Agriculture, the Federal Scientific Center of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A. K. Chaika got established.

Over the years of experimental breeding, since the 1920, our employees have bred and offered to produce more than 70 varieties of agricultural crops; since 1976, 56 of the varieties were registered as selection achievements of the Russian Federation. To date, about 80% of the acreage on the Primorsky Krai is sown with our varieties.   
The Center has a postgraduate program in the following specialties: General agriculture, Crop production; Selection and seed production of agricultural plants.  

In order to fully use the scientific potential in the creation and development of new technological solutions, highly effective innovative technologies, the Center cooperates with many research institutions.

We are actively working with higher educational institutions in terms of personnel policy – the Far Eastern Federal University, the Far Eastern State Agrarian University, and the Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture.  
Today, the Federal Scientific Center of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A. K. Chaika is a dynamically developing institution that combines research work, production of original agricultural seeds, and innovative activities, including the introduction of scientific achievements into the real sector of the economy.